Endings & Beginnings

The New Mexico Photography Field School closed in December, 2007. We are grateful to all the participants at the Field School who became our friends over the last 20+ years.

While one door closes, another one opens . . .

Craig and Cindy can be reached as follows:

on the Web:
Eloquent Light Photography Workshops

Craig Varjabedian Photography

phone: 505.983.2934

email: cindylane@eloquentlight.com

903 W. Alameda St., No. 115
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Bill can be reached as follows:

on the Web:
William Plunkett Photography

phone: 903.660.3269

email: info@plunkettphoto.com

P.O. Box 490
Judson, TX 75660

Craig Varjabedian continues to teach workshops at the Eloquent Light Photography Workshops in Santa Fe, and invites you to join them for a photography workshop that just might change your life.

Cindy Lane is the Managing Director of the Eloquent Light Photography Workshops and Craig Varjabedian Photography.

William Plunkett continues to travel the world in search of beautiful places and exotic wildlife to photograph.

Harold Jones has returned to his home town of Roswell, NM. You can e.mail Harold here.